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Elvira Bekova

Bibliography of the Bekova Trio

© Copyright 2003-2004 by Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd

The Bekova Sisters have now published, in conjunction with Boosey & Hawkes, two volumes of their arrangements of a variety of pieces for Piano Trio. It is a measure of their versatility and artistic breadth that so many of these pieces, also recorded on one of their CDs, are now available.

Volume I: The Bekova Sisters, Piano Trios Collection, Boosey & Hawkes, ISMN M-060-11532-5. Volume II: The Bekova Sisters, Piano Trios Collection 2, Boosey & Hawkes, ISMN M-060-11582-0.

As they say in their preface to Volume 1, ‘Now looking back, we realise that our arrangements for the trio arose not from the desire to broaden our repertoire: rather they were born as music for our performances. The melodies enabled us to express what we could not say through words and action.’



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